MAP Committees

Legislative and Policy Committee (members LPC page)

Given the short session’s abbreviated timeframe and shorter list of bills, and the anecdotally noted likelihood that not much will get accomplished this year by the legislature, MAP’s LPC identified only a few bills to follow.  If the LPC elects to provide testimony for any bill hearings this session, they will be posted on the LPC page.  MAP’s LPC continues to coordinate with affiliate organizations, including the Maine Municipal Association (MMA), and currently has the NNECAPA Maine Legislative Liaison on the committee (chair Jared Woolston).

Awards Committee

The responsibilities of the Awards Committee include: 

1. Establish and administer an annual awards program to recognize significant achievements and contributions in the field. 

2. In addition to nominations received from other sources, the Committee itself may nominate no more than two candidates in each category for consideration for Association awards. The Committee Chair shall coordinate the Association's awards program in order to be consistent with the criteria established for the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association (NNECAPA) awards programs. Ideally, the Chair should seek appointment to serve on the NNECAPA Awards Selection Committee. 

3. The Awards Committee shall be the selection Committee to review and decide upon the winners from the nominations in each category. The Committee shall meet in March and/or April to decide the winners, with the awards to be announced at the Annual Meeting. 

If you're interested in joining, visit the Awards page or contact Jim Fisher for more information.

Nominations Committee

The responsibilities of the Nominations Committee include: 

1. Soliciting from the membership suggestions for potential candidates to serve on the Executive Board. 

2. Contacting potential candidates to inquire about their interest in serving on the Board and making potential candidates aware of the duties and expectations of serving on the Board. 

3. Presenting the membership with a formal slate of potential candidates to serve on the Executive Board. 4. Conducting the election of candidates to the Board at the Annual Meeting of the membership. 

If you're interested in joining, contact Carol Eyerman for more information.

Conference Planning/Professional Development Committee

In February of 2013, the MAP Board began working with Craig Freshley, Good Group Decisions, to update MAP's Strategic Plan by gathering input from members and other stakeholders via telephone interviews, focus groups, and an online survey of members. One of the results of this feedback was the identification of professional development/training opportunities as a MAP priority. The MAP Board then recommended the creation of a Professional Development Committee (based upon membership solicitation) that is tasked with developing a program for professional development. 

Please join the nascent Professional Development Committee and help shape its goals, priorities, and activities! Membership involvement is essential to the committee's success so please contribute as much or as little time as you can. If you're interested in joining, contact Amanda Bunker for more information.

Communications Committee 

The MAP Communications Committee was formed to coordinate and improve MAP's communications with its members and partner organizations. Responsibilities include overseeing production of Front Page; building MAP's professional network;sharing important resources, news, and information with MAP members and others involved in planning in Maine; and managing the organization's brand guidelines. Please contact Lynne Seeley for more information.

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