NNECAPA Reorganization Update

03 Mar 2018 6:10 AM | Maine Association of Planners (Administrator)

The votes are in! Each state association as well as the NNECAPA Board met to discuss the reorganization idea. Every state association gave direction to the NNECAPA Board that they would like to explore the option of forming Section within the NNECAPA Chapter. 

The general outline for this process will be:

  • NNECAPA hired Rick Menard to act as consultant to draft NNECAPA Bylaws by the end of February 2018
  • Retreat of all four organizations to review draft Bylaws in March 2018
  • Final draft Bylaws for all organizations to review ready by end of April 2018
  • Final adoption of NNECAPA Bylaws during NNECAPA Conference 2018

MAP will need to begin to review and think about adjustments to its Bylaws close to the adoption of the NNECAPA Bylaws. We should be thinking about an ad-hoc committee for this purpose by at least the end of summer 2018.

-- Carol Eyerman, AICPNNECAPA Maine State Director

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